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My name is Bill Young and I am the director of Tactical Marketing.

I've worked in marketing, sales and public relations for over 25 years and have developed marketing expertise from a diverse range of perspectives - from corporate (including Television New Zealand and Carter Holt Harvey) to small business, from an agency perspective and that of an independent consultant. 

This enables me to bring to you the skills and knowledge which will be appropriate for your circumstances and your marketing situation.

This may include a number of areas such as:

However, tactical implementation is the second part.

Strategy development within constraints is the first. That is, find out what your options are and how to tailor marketing solutions to give you maximum cost-effectiveness. Primarily this involves helping you analyse your marketing environment, identifying your areas of competitive advantage, and then developing and implementing strategy.

When I'm not working, I also teach occasionally, sharing what I've learnt with students, lecturing marketing part-time at the Business School at Waiariki Institute of Technology.

If you'd like to discuss your marketing environment, constraints and opportunities and find out where you can make the most impact, please call me on 027-274-1704 or e-mail